Welcome from the ECE Department Chair

Since its birth, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) has exploited the physical sciences to create a revolution in information technology that has marked the greatest changes of the last part of the 20th Century. These changes culminated in the design of laptop computers, wireless communication networks, and the Internet. The field has changed and molded human progress in ways that are breathtaking. At UC Davis, we believe there is much more to come!

We think that the future will open even more exciting avenues for innovation as electronics becomes embedded in the most unexpected sites and enables powerful new systems. Our faculty’s research includes nanoscale devices, energy scavenging circuits, cognitive radios, reconfigurable terabyte computers, implantable biosensors, and pervasive communications. We are also pursuing research on sustainable technologies, such as green computing with embedded systems that run on harvested energy, lighting that uses a fraction of the energy of traditional technologies, and algorithms & networking protocols that control the energy demand of smart appliances.

UC Davis is well positioned to explore exciting new options for meeting the challenges of the 21st Century. We benefit from our proximity to Silicon Valley, which supplies a valuable resource for connections with world leaders in the electronics industry. These interactions keep us well informed about today’s needs for innovation and provides us with opportunities for collaborations and the transformation of ideas into products.

Our department also benefits from UC Davis’ world-renowned strength in the life sciences, which provides a rich environment for interfacing electronics and biology. Recent breakthroughs in the biological sciences have set the stage for a new revolution in the 21st Century. We foresee that ECE will play a key role in this revolution: both through the application of the tools of our core disciplines to biology, and through the use of biology for creating new types of electronic devices, circuits, and systems.

Our department continues to attract outstanding faculty with a vision and broad perspective. This year, four new faculty will join our department: two in the area of physical electronics with an emphasis in biology and two in the area of microwave/mmWave/THz electronics with an emphasis in nano-electromechanical and high performance systems.

Our faculty’s research continues to have a high impact and to attract substantial funding for our graduate program from governmental agencies and industry.

Our graduates are in high demand, and our proximity to the large corporate R&D centers and the vibrant start-up and venture capital communities of Northern California provides a wealth of opportunities for launching careers.

We welcome talented students who share our enthusiasm and optimism for creating the technologies of the future.

We hope that you will explore the opportunities for you in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Davis!

Kent Wilken
Department Chair