Topics in Game Engine Architecture

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Friday, November 22, Giedt 1003, 12:10pm-1:00pm

Speaker: Dr. Eric Lengyel
Terathon Software

Host: Professor Erkin Seker


This talk will discuss general principles of game engine architecture and will focus on a variety of specific design details in the C4 Game Engine. We’ll cover an array of technical topics ranging from low-level rendering methods to high-level aspects of a first-person shooter game currently in development. Time permitting, this talk will include discussions of lighting, shadows, shaders, model animation, cloth and fluid simulation, particle systems, physics, terrain, scene organization, visibility, scripting, and more.


Eric Lengyel (Ph.D., Computer Science) is the creator of the C4 Engine, the author of Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics, and the editor of the Game Engine Gems series. He has worked in the computer games industry for 17 years and currently heads up a small company in Roseville, California called Terathon Software.

About the seminar:
This seminar is part of the Fall EEC 290 seminar series and is open to all.