Application Procedure

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Program (ECEGP). For general admission requirements, please visit the Information for Prospective Students page.

Important Deadlines

  • Priority - January 15:
    To be considered for financial support, all application materials (including online application, recommendation letters, transcripts, GRE/TOEFL scores) must be submitted before this deadline. All U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or immigrants are encouraged to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • General Deadline - April 15:
    Applications without financial support are accepted until this deadline.
  • Space Available - May 31:
    Permitting available space, applications without financial support are accepted until this deadline.

Applicants Must Complete the Following:

1. Application

Your Application to Graduate Studies must be completed online at:
This online application along with ALL supporting material listed below must be received by our deadline.
Note: ECEGP Application and Fellowship Deadline is January 15!

2. Application Fee

The application fee is $80 for the domestic application and $100 for the international. The fee may be paid by credit card or e-check. The fee must be paid before the application will be considered as complete, and the fee must be paid for each application submitted.

3. Three Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation must be submitted electronically through the online application. Recommendations will not be accepted by mail or e-mail.

4. Transcripts

Official, sealed, original (no photocopies) transcripts from all undergraduate and/or graduate institutions attended should be sent directly to the address below:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Electrical & Computer Engineering
2064A Kemper Hall
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, California 95616

Send your transcripts only after you have marked your online application complete and submitted it. This allows for more efficient and effective matching of transcripts to applicants. Submit only one transcript for each university or college you have attended. In the case of multiple applications, send only one transcript to your first choice of graduate programs.

5. Graduate Record Examination Scores

GRE General Exam (verbal, quantitative, and analytical) required. Submit scores to School Code 4834; Department Code 1203

6. TOEFL scores

TOEFL required if English is not your first language or the primary language of instruction for your degree. Submit scores to School Code 4834; Department Code 66.

7. Optional Material

All other material must be submitted electronically, including optional material - CVs and Conference Paper(s).

Please do NOT provide bank statements. Please send ONLY your transcripts through postal mail. All other material sent by mail will be discarded.

8. Fellowship Application (Optional)

If you wish to be considered for campus-wide fellowships ("Internal Fellowships"), please fill out the Fellowship Application in Embark. Next to each fellowship, you can find the eligibility criteria and any requested information. You are not required to submit additional letters of recommendation, but may need to explain your eligibility for certain fellowships if you wish to be considered for them. This application must be completed and submitted by the *January 15th* priority deadline. There is no application to be considered for Graduate Student Researcher positions, Teaching Assistant positions, or department fellowships. You will be considered automatically. Priority, however, will be given to applicants whose applications are completed by the *January 15th* priority deadline.

Additional and supplemental information will not be accepted. Please include all pertinent information in online Graduate Application.

Your application is not complete until all of the above items are received. ALL parts must be received by the deadline in order to be considered complete. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Please do not contact the ECE office to know the status of your application. Once the application has been submitted, you can check your status online.
  • A completed application (i.e., after all the required documents are received) will have the status: "complete". Please make certain your application is complete by following the instructions above to submit your letters of recommendations, transcripts, and test scores.
  • If mailed transcripts or test scores are missing, we will contact you.
  • Once a decision has been made, you will receive an email notification.
  • Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions page for more admission and application information.

Concerning the contacting of faculty

If you are interested in contacting ECE Professors directly, please be sure to read their websites very carefully. Professors receive a large number of inquiries about admissions each year. They are very busy and have little time to reply to each request. Be sure to you are VERY specific about your required information and do your homework about their research and their lab. They generally DO NOT reply to general inquiries sent to many faculty members.