Diego R. Yankelevich

Diego R. Yankelevich

Adjunct Professor

(530) 754-9249


  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of California, Davis, 1993.
  • M. S., Electrical Engineering, University of California, Davis, 1989.
  • B. S., Biomedical Engineering, Universidad Autnoma Metropolitana, Mexico, 1985.

Professional Experience

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis, 2013-Present
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis, 2000-2013
  • Research Engineer, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis, 1995-2000.
  • Assistant Professor. CICESE, Department of Optics, Ensenada, Mexico, 1994-1995.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis, 1993-1994.


Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Group

Research Interests

Intravascular Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Alternative Light Sources for Photoacustic Spectroscopy, Ultrashort Pulse Nonlinear Optical Microscopy, Sum Frequency Spectroscopy of Biological Compounds, Biological Imaging.

Research Activities

The research activities of Diego Yankelevich are mainly focused on the application and development of opto-electronic systems for biological spectroscopic and microscopy applications.

  • In collaboration with Dr. Laura Marcu (BME, UCD) I participate in the development of an improved and clinically compatible compact fiber-optic based configuration for simultaneous time- and wavelength-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. This device performs the rapid acquisition of fluorescence decay profiles in multiple spectral bands from in-vivo tissue excited with ultra-short UV pulses. Parameters extracted from the decay profiles provide valuable information for disease diagnosis.
  • Photoacoustic imaging is a technique based on the detection of acoustic waves induced in tissue by the absorption of a short laser pulse. The mechanism beneath relies on the contrast determined by differences in optical absorption of various types biological molecules (hemoglobin, lipids, structural proteins, etc.). The average optical penetration depth in the 600-1000 nm range is on the order of tens of millimeters; therefore, this spectral range is very suitable for photoacoustic imaging of biological tissue. In collaboration with Dr. Rodger Cudney (CICESE, Mexico) and Dr. Laura Marcu we are investigating the applicability of periodically and aperiodically poled lithium niobate crystals (fabricated at CICESE) as an alternative to optical parametric oscillators for Photoacoustic imaging of biological tissue.
  • For more than three decades it was known that collagen, the most abundant protein in vertebrates, efficiently produce second harmonic generation. In collaboration with Prof. Andre Knoesen (ECE UCD) and Dr. Karen Reiser (Neurology UCD), we are using sum frequency generation spectroscopy, which is a spectroscopy method that measures the presence and noncentrosymmetry of molecular groups, to identify the molecular entities within collagen that are responsible for the second harmonic generation. In addition, I am working in biological microscopy imaging instrumentation that relies on ultrashort laser pulses to quantify structural disorder in collagenous tissue.

Selected Publications

Knorr F, D.R. Yankelevich, Liu J, Wachsmann-Hogiu, S and L. Marcu Two-photon excited fluorescence lifetime measurements through a double-clad photonic crystal fiber for tissue micro-endoscopy, Journal of Biophotonics, vol., 2012, pp. 14-19, 2012. link

K Kruttwig, D R. Yankelevich, C Brueggemann, C Tu, N L’Etoile, A Knoesen , and A Y. Louie, Reversible Low-Light Induced Photoswitching of Crowned Spiropyran-DO3A Complexed with Gadolinium(III) Ions, Molecules, Vol. 17, 6605-6624, 2012. link

Xie, H., Bec, J. Liu, J., Sun, Y., Lam, M., Yankelevich, D.R., Marcu, L., Multispectral scanning time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy (TRFS) technique for intravascular diagnosis, Biomed. Opt. Express; 3(7):1521-33, 2012. link

Julien Bec, Hongtao Xie, Diego R. Yankelevich, Feifei Zhou, Yang Sun, Narugopal Ghata, Ralph C. Aldredge, Laura Marcu, Design, construction, and validation of a multimodal intravascular diagnostic catheter combining IVUS and fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy detection channels, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Light in Cardiology, BIOS 2011. link

C. J. Chiang, D. R. Yankelevich, J. P. Heritage, “Picosecond photo-assisted electron emission from gated p-silicon high density field emitter array,” Journal of applied Physics, Vol. 106, 2009. link

N. J. Guilar, T. Kleeburg, A. Chen, D. R. Yankelevich, and R. Amirtharajah, “Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage,” IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems Journal, vol. 17, 2009, pp. 627-637. link

Rocha-Mendoza, D. R. Yankelevich, M. Wang, C. Bratton, K. M. Reiser, C. W. Frank, and A. Knoesen “Sum Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy: The Molecular Origins of the Optical Second Order Nonlinearity of Collagen,” Biophysical Journal, Vol. 63, 2007, pp. 4433-4444. link

K. M. Reiser, I. Rocha-Mendoza, D. R. Yankelevich, M. Wang, C. Bratton, and A. Knoesen, “Measurement of Order-Disorder Transitions in Biological Samples Using Polarization-modulated Second Harmonic Generation Imaging,” IEEE/OSA Conference of Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2006. link

Diego R. Yankelevich, Yang Sun, Hongtao Xie, Yinghua Sun, Daniel S. Elson and Laura Marcu Compact fiber-optic based configuration for rapid simultaneous time- and wavelength-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, Optics Within Life Sciences, Biophonics Week, Quebec, 2010.

K. M. Reiser, C. Bratton, , D. R. Yankelevich, I. Rocha-Mendoza, A. Knoesen, and Feffrey Lotz, “Quantitative Analysis of Structural Disorder in Intervertebral Disks using Second Harmonic Generation Imaging: Comparison with Morphometric Analysis”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol.12(6), 064019, 2007, 17 pages. link

Mao, E.; Yankelevich, D. R.; Lin, C.-C.; Solgaard, O.; Knoesen A.; Harris, J.S. Jr.; “Narrow-band light emission in semiconductor-fibre asymmetric waveguide coupler”, Electronics Letters, vol.36, (no.16), IEE, 2000, p.1378-9. link

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Yankelevich, D. R.; Pretre, P.; Knoesen, A.; Taft, G.; Murnane, M. M.; Kapteyn, H. C. and Twieg, R. J.; "Molecular engineering of polymer films for amplitude and phase measurements of Ti:sapphire femtosecond pulses," Optics Letters, vol.21, no.18, Opt. Soc. America, 15 Sept., 1996. p.1487-9. link

Yankelevich, D. R.; Dienes, A.; Knoesen, A.; Schoenlein, R. W. and Shank, C. V.; "Generation of 315 nm, femtosecond pulses using a poled copolymer film", Special Issue on Ultrafast Optics and Electronics IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, vol. QE-28, 1992. link

Kwong, K. F.; Yankelevich, D. R.; Chu, K. C.; Heritage; J. P. and Dienes, A.; "A 400 Hertz, vibration free, mechanical scanning optical delay line," Optics Letters , vol.18, 1993. link

Courses Taught

Introductory Electromagnetics EEC130A

Electronics I EEC110A

Principles of Device Physics I EEC140A

Nonlinear Optical Applications EEC236

Circuits II EEC100

Electronic Circuits and Systems ENG100

Circuits I ENG17

Engineering Problem Solving ENG6

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