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Assistance on academic, career and personal matters is available through the advising resources of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or through referral to other offices on campus. Department resources include faculty advisors and a Student Affairs Officer. While you may approach any of these advisors to discuss any issue, the issues that each is best prepared to handle are described below.

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Faculty Advisors

The best resource for advice on career plans, choice of major, choice of elective courses, and for the writing of letters of recommendation for prospective jobs or graduate school admission are faculty advisors. The ECE Student Affairs Officer will assign you a faculty advisor your first term on campus. ECE students often retain the same faculty advisor throughout their undergraduate program, but you may choose a new advisor whenever you wish, by request. Any ECE faculty member may serve as your advisor.

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ECE Student Affairs Officer

Faculty advising is supplemented by a system of staff advising especially designed for ECE students. The Student Affairs Officer is the best resource for the detailed advising involving curriculum requirements, prerequisites, changes of major, petitions for change of degree requirements, and mandatory advising.

Contact the Student Affairs Officer

The ECE Student Affairs Officer is Kate Creveling

2064 Kemper Hall

Drop-In Advising for Summer 2014*:
   Monday 2 - 5 p.m.
   Wednesday 2 - 5 p.m.
   Friday 10a.m. - 12p.m.
If you would like to make an appointment outside of drop-in hours, please email Kate at

*drop-in hours are subject to change without notice

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Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies

The Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies is responsible for management of the ECE undergraduate curricula and supervises the undergraduate advising program. Issues that cannot be handled by the Student Affairs Officer will be referred to him.

Contacting the Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies

The Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies is Professor Charles Hunt.


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Mandatory Advising

The College of Engineering has a mandatory advising system for all undergraduate engineering students. As an Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering major you must meet these advising requirements once a year, during a specific quarter, which is determined by the first letter of your last name. You are informed of your mandatory advising hold through the registration system.

During registration via SISWEB, you will be informed that you have an advising hold and told the date the hold is to be released. Please read the entire message on the holds screen so you can schedule an appointment during the appropriate quarter. Failure to release your hold by the deadline will result in the inability to make any changes to your schedule. You also risk being disenrolled from the University.

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Below is the mandatory advising schedule and attached are the two academic plans.

Mandatory Advising Schedule

A - G: Fall Quarter Hold
Deadline: First day of Winter Quarter

H - N: Winter Quarter Hold
Deadline: First day of Spring Quarter

O - Z: Spring Quarter Hold
Deadline: First day of Fall Quarter

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To remove the hold, complete an academic plan and schedule an appointment with the Student Affairs Officer on the calendar posted online. The one-year schedule must be turned in at your scheduled appointment. After obtaining the Student Affairs Officer's signature on the course plan, you may also be required to meet with your Faculty Advisor to review your academic plan. Therefore, plan accordingly to get this done before the deadline.