ECE Machines for EEC 116

If you experience problems starting the tools in our environment, email me (Bevan Baas) and not ECE support since the tool installations are on my group's server, or are managed by the course TA and me.

Logging in to a suitable machine

Logging in to a remote machine securely is done through "ssh". Since the waveform viewer requires the display of its X window, X forwarding must be handled correctly. Within the ECE department,  ssh machinename  should work. However, when logging in from a remote machine with a different configuration, a different command line may be required. The key is to enable trusted X11 forwarding. For example, when logging in via OpenSSH (ver. 3.8 and later), use  ssh -Y machinename  to enable trusted X11 forwarding. The default is untrusted with a "-X" flag, which will cause simvision to fail to forward the display.

      Machines for magic CAD tool

      Machines for irsim CAD tool (hopefully won't need a separate section)       ECE Linux machines not working for me now


2009/04/14  Written
2009/04/23  Updated the list of working ECE computers