EEC 180B - Digital Systems II
Winter 2018

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Date Reading Lecture Notes, Handouts, and Reading
Tue, Jan 9 Chapter 1, 2
Chapter 3 if needed
Course introduction
Semiconductor fabrication technologies
1:Lecture 01
2:Fabrication technologies
Th, Jan 11 Skim Chapter 5
Chapter 7 (Verilog)
Appendix A
Basics of digital systems
Digital design flow
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
3a:Estimating chip area
3b:FPGA tutorial, 7 pages
4:FPGA vendors and major internal components
Tue, Jan 16   Verilog Introduction
Verilog Combinational logic
Verilog styles, delays, etc.
5:Verilog I: Intro and Combinational logicJAN 22
6:Verilog quick ref guide, S. Sutherland (skim quickly)
Th, Jan 18 Chapter 8 (Comb Blocks) Verilog wire, assign
Verilog Testing
Verilog Sensitivity Lists
Tue, Jan 23 Chapter 9 (Comb Examples) Quiz 1
Parameters, testing, sensitivity list wrapup
Combinational building blocks I: muxes
7:Verilog II: Intro and Combinational logic
Th, Jan 25   Verilog: Testing
Testbench design
8:Verilog III: TestingJAN 25, JAN 29 #134,147
Tue, Jan 30 Chapter 11 (Fixed/Float Pt)
Combinational building blocks II: case, casez
Combinational building blocks II: decoders
Th, Feb 1 Chapter 10 (Neg #s, Arith)
Quiz 2
Decoder implementations
Enabled blocks
Instantiating flip-flops I
Tue, Feb 6  
Instantiating flip-flops II
Reset-able and Enable-able flip-flops
9:FFs and registers
Th, Feb 8

Chapter 14 (Seq Logic)
Chapter 16 (Datapath Seq Logic)
Control I
Tue, Feb 13   Midterm

Th, Feb 15 Chapter 15 (Timing)
Control II
Timing of digital systems
Tue, Feb 20 Chapter 10 (Neg #s, Arith)
Chapter 17
Chapter 19
Arithmetic: ALUs
17:FFs rule#5
Th, Feb 22 Chapter 25 Multi-rate clocks
Memory: major types
Memory: synthesized from verilog
20:Multi-rate clock examples
Tue, Feb 27 Chapter 23
Quiz 3
Edge detection
21:Edge detection
Th, March 1 Chapter 21
M9K memory blocks
Pipelining II
22:M9K memories
Tue, March 6 Chapter 22
System design
Static Timing Analysis
23:Nangate std cell library datasheet, Typical corner (see canvas Resources section)  
Th, March 8 Chapter 24
Static Timing Analysis II
Pipelined block diagrams
24:Static timing analysis
Tue, March 13  
Block interfaces, data flow
Block internal and external timing
Th, March 15 Chapter 20
Chapter 11 (Fixed/Float Pt)
Verification and test
Arithmetic: rounding and saturation
Arithmetic I: +, –; ripple, carry-select
Arithmetic II: ×, MAC, ÷
Optional: Fixed-point integers
Optional: Fixed-point fractional
Optional: Sign extension
Optional: Floating-point
Tue, March 20
  Final Exam


Future details are tentative.

Week Prelab due and
work in Lab
Lab report due at
beginning of lab section
Hwk due
Friday 6:00 pm
in hwk box
Homework problems
(Problems in gray are tentative until approximately the Thurs 8 days
before the due date, depending on material covered in lecture)
January 8 – January 12 - - - -

January 15 – January 19 Lab 1
Modelsim/Quartus video tutorial
- - -

January 22 – January 26

Lab 2
Lab 1 -

January 29 – February 2

Lab 3JAN 31
Lab 2 -
February 5 – February 9

Lab 4
Lab 3 1
8.5, 8.12, 9.3, 9.9
February 12 – February 16
Lab 5
Demo Video
Lab 4 -

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