ENG 6 - Engineering Problem Solving
Spring 2011

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Date Reading Lecture Slides
Tue, March 29 Ch. 1 Course introduction, Computing introduction     Course overview                
Th, March 31 Ch. 2 Scripts, Built-in functions Getting started
Tue, April 5 Ch. 3 I/O, Logical expressions, Arrays I Built-in functions & I/O
Arrays I
Th, April 7 - Arrays II Arrays II
Tue, April 12 Ch. 11 Plotting Plotting
Th, April 14 - Boolean operations, Arrays II  
Tue, April 19 Ch. 4 Arrays III
Flow Control: if, switch
Arrays III
Flow Control: if, switch
Th, April 21 - Flow control: for, while Flow control: for, while
Slides 23-26
for: basic examples
Tue, April 26 Ch. 5 Functions Functions
Slides 7-10, 19
Th, April 28 Ch. 8 File Input & Output File input & output
Slide 20
Tue, May 3 - Monte Carlo methods Monte Carlo I
Slide 7
Monte Carlo II
Th, May 5 - Audio I/O and processing I Audio
Slides 7, 17, 18
Practice .wav sound clip
Tue, May 10 - Audio II aud1.m
Th, May 12 - Character strings Strings
Tue, May 17 - Cells and structures Cells & Structures
May 17, 4pm: minor updates
News: Mining Raw Data
Th, May 19 - Image I/O and processing I Image May 19, 11pm: slide 10, fixes
News: Job prospects [Graphic]
News: Self-driving cars
Ex solution: hwk6.3b
Mon, May 23 Final project, subject to updates and clarifications
Tue, May 24 - Image processing II
Image processing II
Interpolation and curve fitting May 26, 5pm: new slides 2, 7-8, 25-27
Th, May 26 - Curve fitting Observed common mistakes
Mon, May 30 Memorial Day
No labs Mon May 30 - Th June 2
Tue, May 31 - Matrix mathematics
Pattern matching
Matrix mathematics
Pattern matching
Th, June 2 - Symbolic manipulations
Numerical non-linear equations
Symbolic manipulations
Numerical nonlinear equations
Wed, June 8,
1:00 - 3:00
- Final Exam
Single-sided, preferrably-typed exam notesheet must be your own work (it will be verified by checking tool), will be turned in with your final exam, and you must upload to smartsite before the exam.
Reference material not covered this quarter
  • Input output GUI
Object Oriented Programming

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