Hihath Research Group

Charge Transport and Energy Conversion in Nanoscale and Molecular Systems

Josh Hihath

Asst. Professor

Elec. & Comp. Engr.





Continued advances in the electronics, energy, health-care, and security industries will require significant advances in our understanding of nano-scale systems, processes, and technologies. To enable these advances we are working to understand and control the physical properties of molecular-scale systems down to the single molecule level. We seek not only to understand the interplay between the electrical, mechanical, optical and thermal properties of these systems, but also to design and develop unique molecular-scale functions that harness these properties for novel device functions.

Research at this scale is inherently interdisciplinary and requires collaboration between engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists, and medical personnel.  As such, in addition to the understanding the fundamental physical properties, we are exploring areas where the ability to measure and control a single molecule provides potential advantages over conventional techniques in areas such as chemical and environmental sensing, biological diagnostics, and signal transduction.



Positions are available for graduate student and post-doctoral researchers.

09/22/2011  Our paper in collaboration with Asai Yoshihiro and Hisao Nakamura on the enhancement of rectification behavior in a single molecule due to electron correlation effects is now available in Physical Review Bhttp://prb.aps.org/abstract/PRB/v84/i11/e115436

09/01/2011  Our paper in collaboration with Asai Yoshihiro and Hisao Nakamura on current rectification behavior in a single molecule due to bias polarity induced changes in the molecular orbital coupling was just published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.


09/20/2011  Our paper on inelastic transport in a single molecule diode was just published on-line in ACS Nano


02/20/2011  Our paper on controlling the conductance of a molecule by mechanically controlling the overlap between the molecular pi-orbitals and the electrodes was published online in Nature Nanotechnology.



10/12/2011  Our paper demonstrating a statistical analysis of I-V, G-V, and Transition Voltage Spectroscopy measurements of Single Molecule Junctions was just published online in JACS.


02/04/2011  Our paper measuring the breakdown of a single atom junction at nanosecond timescales was published in Nano Letters.



12/04/2011  Our paper demonstrating a mechanical gating effect in Benzenedithiol single molecule junctions has been published online in Nature Nanotechnology

Thanks to Chris Bruot and Shaoyin Guo for the excellent artwork!

02/17/2015 We recently completed a study aimed at  understanding the binding configuration of single-molecule junctions formed using break-junction techniques.  The paper has now been published online in Nature Materials.


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