Leyuan Wang

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

University of California, Davis

Email:leywang AT ucdavis DOT edu

About Me

I'm currently a M.S. student in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at UC Davis and my advisor is Prof. John Owens.
Before moving to Davis, I received my B.S. degree from Chu Kochen Honors College in Zhejiang University, China.
In 2012, I was exchanged to National Chiao Tung University for a semester to study in the Department of Electronics Engineering
and worked with Prof. Tzonglin Wu in his EMC research group.


My research interests span across general-purpose computing on
graphics processing units (GPGPU,also known as GPU computing),
computer graphics, parallel algorithms programming and data compression. Recently, I've been particularly interested in
implementing classic algorithms on GPU and large-scale GPU computing.

Projects I've been working on:

Skew Algorithm implementation for Suffix Array on GPU in CUDA

An Implementation of Connected Component Algorithm on GPU


Here is my CV