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Analog Integrated Circuits

Course Outline

Fall 2008

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Course Time and Location:
102 Hutchison
T, Th 9:00 - 9:50 am

Professor Stephen Lewis
Office: 2035 Kemper Hall, Phone: 752-0458
Office Hours: Monday 12:10-1:00pm and Wednesday 2:10-3:00pm
Please contact me in person (in office hours or after class) instead of by email.

TA office hours:
NameLocationOffice Hours
Calvin Chiem2155 Kemper Fridays 1:10-2:00pm
Swapnil Jain2155 Kemper Fridays 2:10-3:00pm
Office Hours for Monday Dec. 8 to Friday Dec. 12:
NameOfficeOffice Hours
Stephen Lewis2035 Kemper Mon. 12/8: 12:10-1:00pm, Wed. 12/10: 2:10-3:00pm, and Thurs. 12/11 1:10-3pm
Swapnil Jain2155 Kemper Thurs. 12/11 6:10-8pm
Calvin Chiem2155 Kemper Thurs. 12/11 4:10-6pm
Required Text:
Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, P. R. Gray, P. J. Hurst, S. H. Lewis, and R. G. Meyer, Fourth Edition, Wiley, 2001.

Summary of errors in the text: Text Corrections

EEC110B and EEC140B

Objectives: This course is intended to develop the understanding of analog bipolar integrated-circuit design. Students who have successfully completed this course should:

  1. be able to explain the hybrid-pi model of the bipolar junction transistor,
  2. be able to analyze and design amplifier, current-mirror, and output-stage circuits,
  3. be able to analyze the operation of an operational amplifier at the transistor level,
  4. know how to use SPICE to find the characteristics of amplifiers, current mirrors, and output stages,
  5. be able to use laboratory equipment including signal generators and oscilloscopes,
  6. be able to contribute effectively to a group design project, and
  7. be able to write an effective lab report.

The lab consists of five experiments (one less than usual because of a holiday) and one design project and is held in 2157 and 2161 Kemper Hall. The lab manual will be available on line. The lab schedule is shown below. The A02 section was added recently to reduce enrollment in the A01 section. I hope some of you will volunteer to move to that section.

Sec. A02
Tu 6-9pm
Sec. A01
W 6-9pm
Exp. Topic
9/3010/1-No Lab
10/710/8#1Bipolar Transistors
10/1410/15#2CE Amplifier with Degen.
10/2110/22#4Differential Amplifiers
10/2810/29#3Transistor Current Sources
11/411/5#6Voltage Regulator
11/1111/12-No Lab (11/11 is Veterans' Day)
11/2511/26-No Lab
Note that the order in which the experiments will be conducted differs from the sequence in the lab manual. The purpose of this change is to align the experiments with the textbook and the lectures. The scores for the experiments will be weighted equally, and the score for the design project will be weighted as equal to three experiments. Your TA will also evaluate your experimental technique in the lab, and this evaluation will be weighted as equal to one experiment.
There will be one in-class midterm exam and a two-hour final exam. The midterm exam will be held on November 13. The final exam will be held on Friday December 12 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.
Type Weight
Homework 10%
Midterm Exam15%
Final Exam45%