We would like to thank the following corporations and individuals for their generous support in the development of all materials on this website.



UC Davis University Instructional Improvement Program (UIIP)


Dr. Giampiero Campa of Mathworks

Professor Diego Yankelevich of ECE dept. at UC Davis

Professor Roger Boulton of Viticulture & Enology Dept. at UC Davis

Lance Halstead of ECE dept. at UC Davis

Shane Austin, Ryan Wilkerson, Alex Chan-Kai (Undergraduate students)

Alexander McCourt and other UC Davis ENG6 Teaching Assistants (SS2-11, Win.-12, and Fa.-12)

Karen Dunn-Haley and Mikaela Huntzinger of UC Davis Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) for assessment

Charles "Chik" Brenneman, Winemaker and Manager at UC Davis RMI Teaching Winery

Texas Instruments for MSP430 development kit donation